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The foundation of AI’s approach to manufacturing is a culture of continuous improvement and employee involvement based upon the teachings of W. Edwards Deming, who transformed Japanese manufacturing processes after WW2.

Deming’s philosophy is built around key principles ultimately aimed at bringing value to the customer. They include building quality into the product at the design stage and focusing on it throughout the production process, identifying all of the steps in the process chain, making the processes flow efficiently and striving for perfection by continually identifying and eliminating waste.

To achieve this, AI deploys quality and statistical tools based on the Six Sigma methods developed by Motorola in 1986 and strict compliance with the ISO 9001 quality management system.

Application of these methods is complemented by a continuing investment in tooling and machinery to make the best use of the latest technologies to enhance product quality and productivity.

To have total control of the quality of our product, we also partner with key suppliers to assist them with developing processes for component manufacture and to gain their expertise in improving our own internal processes.

An example of AI's commitment to continuous improvement is the recent introduction of CERAKOTE advanced ceramic polymer firearm coating technology, a range of high performance finishes which further enhances the corrosion resistance and durability of our rifles.

WORLD'S FINEST                        SNIPER RIFLES


WORLD'S FINEST                     SNIPER RIFLES